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19th Century Orkney Island Chair

19th Century Orkney Island Chair


This exquisite Orkney Island chair, a testament to traditional craftsmanship, beckons visitors to step back in time. Carved with care and precision in the year 1900, it embodies the rustic charm and practical elegance of the Orkney archipelago.

Materials and Construction:

--Wood: The chair’s frame is hewn from seasoned wood, its rich patina revealing decades of use and stories whispered across generations. 
--Straw Backrest: The defining feature of this chair is its woven straw backrest. Each strand, painstakingly intertwined, forms an intricate lattice that cradles the sitter’s spine. The straw, weathered to a warm golden hue, exudes both resilience and grace.

Design Elements:
--Minimalist Form: The chair’s design adheres to simplicity. Four sturdy legs, square and unadorned, provide stability. The arms, wide and flat, invite restful contemplation.
--High Back: Rising above the sitter’s head, the tall backrest offers both comfort and protection. It shields against drafts, cocooning the occupant in a private alcove.

Function and Symbolism:
--Fireside Companion: Picture this chair nestled by a hearth, its straw back absorbing the warmth of crackling flames. It has witnessed countless evenings of storytelling, knitting, and quiet reflection.
--Ancestral Connection: Passed down through generations, the Orkney Island chair embodies continuity. It bridges the past and present, inviting us to honor our roots. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience a piece of Orkney’s heritage—a chair that whispers tales of resilience, community, and the passage of time.
Note: The Orkney Island chair is a rare gem, and its presence in our gallery invites contemplation and connection.

HEIGHT: 32 IN (81.28 CM) WIDTH: 19 IN (48.26 CM) DEPTH: 19 IN (48.26 CM)
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